Hey dudes. So I know that my last "audioblog" didn't mention anything about t-shirts at all, so I figured that I would throw you all a bone and comment on my most recent favorite t-shirt sighting...on the subway ride home last night from my Elephant Larry meeting I spotted a dude wearing an oversize white t-shirt with alternating day-glo orange and gray text that read "NOT ALL MEN ARE FOOLS SOME ARE BACHELOR." Note the all capsness and the poor grammar there at the end. Amazing, truly and honestly – though, if I had to guess, he did seem like a recent immigrant kinda guy, a little bewildered and scared-looking, but I'm still supercurious as to where he got the shirt, because I certainly can't imagine any novelty t-shirt store in the states selling this one. No native English speaker would snap up some shirt proclaiming a weird, don't-date-me sentiment that is not particularly funny or obscene. The guy wearing it also didn't seem like the kind of guy who thought all men who weren't bachelors were fools. To put it mildly he did not exactly give off the International Jetset Playboy vibe. I do feel a little guilty about posting about this shirt, since it has so many sad undertones, but that, of course, is part of the reason I liked it so much.

So there you go, t-shirt of the day.


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