So on the way to work this morning, I spotted a snipe poster that was advertising Metro, the new free daily newspaper for New York (competing, I guess, with AMNY). And it's slogan, in big shouty letters, was: I HATE NEWSPAPERS THAT THINK I HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. Oh. You're right. I am such a busy guy, that I can't personally figure out what news is important to me by using the filter that's my brain -- instead, I should rely on dumbed-down AP articles and headlines so that I can not only finish my newspaper on my morning commute but also get nothing but blipvert versions of news articles. Now I can feel smug and self-satisfied because "I read the news! Like a real adult!" and get my big, overpriced coffee, march into work and be an Important Guy. No. Wrong. Sigh. It just makes me angry the way that if you're busy everything needs to be condensed. There's this sense that if you have a limited amount of time you should do lots of things at a compromised quality, and that will somehow make up for it. Listen. If you really want the news, you need to fucking make it a priority and not pretend like you're a newspaper-reading guy that somehow doesn't have time for actual news.

It just feels like another step in the cranking up of everyday life. Just as I'm trying to slow mine down and take some breaths now and then, somebody steps right in and says "NO! You don't have time! Go faster!" Of course, I do live in the New York, and I barely get through the Sunday Times in a week, but still. Get off my back, you speedhounds.


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