I give up. This is going to be yet another apparel post, so yeah, I guess this is going to be a Wearables Blog and you all can just kiss my ass and deal.

T-shirt of the moment: My Swedish shirt, blue, with three yellow crowns and the letters SWE.
Sincerity Level: 100%. I love Sweden, and I love this shirt.

So Elephant Larry, my sketch comedy group, has a sketch in which an employee has been wearing his novelty New Year's 2004 glasses for an excessively long period of time (yeah, I know, it sounds very funny describing it), and his boss berates him with a speech in which he says it's like "...wearing a hat that says Planet Earth or a t-shirt that says what month it is." Of course, tonight, on my way home I see a kid wearing a hooded sweatshirt that says Planet Earth and I was amused. :) Granted, it's not a hat, but whatever...on a related note, several Elephant Larry members have taken to wearing shirts that say what month it used to be, since we're no longer doing the show and the shirts used to be props. If I didn't know them and I saw them out on the street, I don't know what I'd think. I'd probably blog about it. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for Mr. Planet Earth, like that it's some totally awesome brand that I haven't heard of. He's probably cutting edge and I'm a total tool.

I was telling Geoff (of Elephant Larry) earlier this evening, as we were sitting on the subway, that I like to recontextualize people's clothing. Case in point: we were staring at a gawky, awkwardly-posed man who was wearing a black shirt that said "Salem, Massachusetts" on it and had an image of a huge cat head, capitalizing on the witchy reputation of Salem. On him - that shirt looked achingly sincere and a little embarrassing. Give that same shirt to a guy with better posture and a few less years and all of a sudden it's cheekier and could totally work. Granted, I'm not a fan of insincere t-shirts (I try to be able to stand behind the sentiment of whatever shirt I'm wearing - I'm awfully post-ironic these days) but as far as fun "place" shirts go, it could be fun. I also do the same thing with sizing. A shirt in XXL that depicts a tribute to Salt Lake City, Utah is nowhere near as cool as a shirt in Medium depicting the same thing.

And just to wrap up, I'll just say that my t-shirt collection is now entirely out of control. It's moved into three drawers now in my 6-drawer dresser and as I was doing laundry last night, it was about 60-70% shirts. I mean, I wouldn't have it any other way, since I love my t-shirts, but goddamn if I'm not amassing quite a bunch.


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