Okay, I give up. I guess this blog is gonna turn into nothing but posting about T-Shirts. I'll just call it Me!-Shirts or something similarly stupid, and call it a day.

1) Girl, on her way to school, wearing a "Do I Look Like A Fucking People Person To You?" shirt, which just seemed to me to be so New York. Certainly, there's more cheerfully accepted public "profanity" in this city (I certainly don't remember any "Welcome To California! Now Fuck Off!" shirts from back home), so I guess I shouldn't be surprised...but still...to school? I feel like even in the NYC school system, there might be a problem with that. And it's not even a clever shirt. It more seems like controversy for no reason. If there even would be a controversy.

2) Guy, wearing a "Cash is King" shirt. There's something funny about a kid who's obviously not doing anything particularly lucrative wearing this shirt. Unless, of course, it was a Johnny Cash shirt. Which would actually be kinda clever. But, upon refelction, the shirt was yellow with green writing, and any Johnny Cash shirt worth it's salt should really only be in black & white. I'm just saying.


At October 23, 2006 at 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog posting definitely reminds me of your "welcome to new york- duck, muthafucka" t-shirt. you probably still have that shirt! -keeker


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