So, amusingly, I got hit on in the subway today. This doesn't usually happen to me...this girl in skintight white pants, pointy black shoes, and this small Phat Farm jacket came onto the train, bumped me a little. I was listening to my headphones (I think it was Control Machete's "Si Senor") so I didn't hear what she said. I removed my headphones, said "what?"

"I like your eyes."

Oh. "Thank you." And then I replaced my headphones, because I had no idea about how else to respond. And I was quite flattered, since I think *other* people, not necessarily me, would consider her hot. And, you know, I was flattered. Nice way to start the day. I usually don't get randomly complimented like that.

Especially since it took me three hours to get home last night because I made retarded, retarded train decisions last night and was on trains and subway platforms forever. Guh. I'm tired now. But now to work! I have lots to do.


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