Back Once Again With The Renegade Master

Okay. So I am now officially on "sabbatical" from work to "recharge my batteries." This is day 2. And I'm also officially going crazy.

So it turns out that I'm not the kind of person who would actually like to stay in and not do anything all day. I need projects, I need things to accomplish or I feel like I'm just being lazy and the world is completely passing me by. What I've done this morning so far: listen to Tom Petty's new album, read the article in the Times Magazine about underground brands that I wanted to read, design two half-hearted Elephant Larry t-shirts, drink a cup of coffee and eat breakfast.

Now I'm blogposting my journal that I swore that I would keep during this time to make sure that I'm feeling reflective and trying to think through what is going to make me happy once this whole experiment is over.

Now whereas that sounds like a lot, I have this huge itch to just do a project, any project, go somewhere, do something. Which isn't a problem, because I could totally just do that. However, there are a zillion things that I could be doing, and these options are slightly paralyzing. Should I make my apartment-mates happy by doing some shopping for household items and straightening up? Do I go out and get frames for our pictures that we want to put up? Do I head on over to Tea Lounge for some similarly lazy company? Do I sit in a bar all day? Do I go to a museum? Do I wander around soho just because I can?

One thing is clear -- apartment living/working ain't gonna cut it for me. Maybe if I'm freelancing and working from home, but probably not. I'm going to feel like i still got nothing done. The idea of sitting home in my pajamas isn't going to keep me happy, it's going to drive me completely batshit crazy.

So I apparently do like structure. That's a good one to know. And I apparently like being busy. I'm suspecting it's the start/stop nature of US Concepts that broke me. Maybe I just need a BETTER job? Not necessarily freelance? We'll see. Till next time, blog...


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