October 13, 2004 - 10:30 PM (scheduled time) - 11:00 PM (actual time) Not much to say about Turing Machine, I have to say. They were playing at Delancey . I deliberately skipped the French Kicks show that I was supposed to be covering at 10PM so I could get back on schedule (rushing over to Irving Plaza just to miss the Saul Williams show by one song threw me off course), but when I got to Delancey, the Bloodthirsty Lovers were still playing, and it took Turing Machine until 11 to actually get set up and ready to play. They were being described by everybody around me as "math-rock," a term that has very little meaning for me. To listen to their set, which was techically quite competent, I take it that math rock implies rhythmic and rigid jamming (no lyrics?) and, it would seem, expressions of pained constipation/concentration. It didn't seem like much fun; I lasted about two songs and then proceeded over to Crash Mansion on Bowery where I just missed Jean Grae (dammit, heard she was good). Also, ran into Alex's brother Jonathan on the way out of Delancey. I also briefly high-fived with Marshall on Delancey St. as well. What, does everybody hang out on the Lower East Side? Posted by Hello


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