October 13, 2004 - 9:00 PM - Smoosh! These girls were absolutely adorable. They were playing at Pianos on Ludlow St. (a bar/club that used to be piano store - they wholesale kept the sign outside that read "Pianos"). They're these two girls, 9 & 11, who play keyboards & drums and sing all their own material. I think there were plenty of people there who were there for the novelty of it, but as soon as they started playing, people knew that they were for real -- their songs were good, smart indie-pop, with nice, complicated, adult melodies. Good stuff. Couldn't stick around too long for this because I had to race back up town (for a gig that I would ultimately miss, Saul Williams, sigh), but I was impressed. They seemed really genuine and nice, and had Death Cab for Cutie & Long Winters stickers on their gear. Turns out the drumming girl, her teacher was the drummer for Death Cab, and he had encouraged them to start a band. And so here they are, showcasing in New York. Crazy. Man, I woulda flipped my shit if that was me in, what, 4th grade? Good god. Posted by Hello


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