Okay, Pause, Waittaminute

Okay, so while we're all waiting for my massive CMJ update that I'm anyday getting around to posting (hey, gimme a break here, I'm busy), I will post this profile, in it's entirety, of some girl on Lavalife named ItalianPrincessX. Tell me if it makes ANY SENSE AT ALL to you:

Just looking to pass time and spark intellect if you have game that's you, as for me I'm interested. No losers. Must be professional. I am.

Ooooh, intriguing. Now, lemme see -- I like to spark intellect. I have game that's me. Aaaaaaaaaaaand she's interested! Wait - am I a loser? Uh. NO! I am not! And I'm professional! Man, I pass her bizarre standards for dating and now I'll write her back...or, on second thought, I might just let this one go.


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