8:30 AM, Friday Morning

Well, here we are, 8:30 in the morning, called in on special assignment by the CEO of my company. Which is totally, utterly fine, because he has that right. Of course he can commandeer me extra early. BUT, the clock is gradually ticking toward nine, and he hasn't e-mailed or made contact and I swear to god I just heard him say he was going somewhere right now. And this wouldn't be so bad either, if it didn't happen in this exact way every single time he calls me in early. I'm here, I'm awake, I'm ready to kick some ass, and my assignment doesn't happen till, oh, 10 or 11. I don't care, at 9 I'm going downstairs to get myself an everything bagel with ham, egg & cheese and come hell or high water, nothing will stop me. That's going to be my treat for getting up early.

It's ridiculous, but having to get up to be here at 8:30 is so much harder than it really should be. I don't know what it is. But the difference between waking at 7 and waking at 7:30 is HUGE. Especially since I generally don't have a hard deadline time to get in by - my general guideline is 9 to 9:30. So if I slack a little in the morning (which I am wont to do) and mess around a bit, don't go too fast, that's generally okay. But if I have to be here at 8:30, it is CRUCIAL that I do everything in the time that it takes optimally. Guh. I don't like my mornings to be quite that structured.

I do however like being outside earlier. The light is prettier, all golden, day seems all full of possibilities. I like watching people get their coffee and gradually wake up on the train. And there's something hardcore about it like "I am getting up to get things accomplished now. I am useful, able and ready." And if I didn't always run on a perpetual sleep deficit, I might just do this more often. I also like this office when it seems quiet and non-stressed. It's not a bad office, but it stresses me out when it gets noisy and full of people walking around very fast. Especially since I feel like my office/art pit is just made for people to sneak up on me. But it's nice and peaceful at this hour, cool and calm. Yeah.

Timecheck: 8:45. Still no sign of him. Dammit.

Last night when I got out of the subway (the 7th Ave. stop, because as usual when the F decides to go express it completely disrespects the 4th Ave. stop every single time), there was this incredible noise as I was climbing the stairs to the street. Like, huge, pounding, jackhammer noises. Which, as it turns out, they were. There was entire crew of workers jackhammering the street, tearing it up, at midnight. MIDNIGHT! Now, I understand that they probably don't want to tear up the street during the day because people are, I don't know, driving on that street, but these motherfuckers were so goddamn loud I was amazed that weren't more people leaning out of windows in their nightshirts yelling about the racket. Like seriously, if I was on that block, I'd have trouble sleeping, and I never have trouble falling asleep with noise. It just seems to me that the inconvenience caused to the neighborhood would outweigh the inconvenience to the drivers of 7th Ave. during the day. I mean, it's not an unpopular street, but there are certainly plenty of ways to get around it if you have to. All I'm saying is, come on, people let's do the roadwork during the day, like normal cities.

As I was walking home, it wasn't until I hit 5th Ave. that the sound starting to die down. That's ridiculous.

Timecheck: 8:52. At least I'm getting to catch up on my blogging. Sigh. Till next time, muchachos.

EDITED AT 9:37 AM: Okay, rumor confirmed, he headed out to a meeting at Schieffelin (the company for whom we were preparing this presentation) at 9. Won't be back till 11. I am victorious in my predictions, yet I have died a little inside. But it's okay, I now have my bagel, and my coffee, so I am happy.


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